MLife foundation

We are

As a community, we welcome and affirm a multiplicity of ideas, voices, cultures, and experiences on what it means to be human and to follow Jesus — bringing unity to the glaring disconnect between the practices and priorities of Jesus and us who profess the Christian faith.

Statement of Faith


Provides a sacred space to share, heal, and grow from things we feel afraid to think about and ashamed to talk with others: trauma, mental health, substance abuse, and addiction.

Our founding premise


Create a welcoming and affirming space for everyone, including nonconformists, LGBTQ+ persons, immigrants, political and economic refugees, activitists, and sex workers.

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Champion for programs that uplift the poor provide resources for the questioning minds, and opportunities for those eager to attain their highest vision.

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OurStory begins with...

Mwangi Mukami, the Founder of the MLIFE Foundation.


Mwangi was born in a female-headed household consisting of nine siblings—five brothers and three sisters—in an impoverished and struggling neighborhood known as “Rurii rwa Sodom,” The Scrubland of Sodom in Kawangware, six miles west of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.


Mwangi’s dream began in earnest. His mother, Veronica Mukami, a produce vendor at the nearby Kawangware market, was told by a school official that it was no longer possible for Mwangi to enroll in high school. In Mwangi’s words, he had ‘performed dismally’ in the national primary school examination and ‘ruled out’ by a system that locked out underserved students, without exceptional academic potential, from upward educational mobility.

Education was not the only obstacle that Mwangi had to overcome. At home, Mwangi’s family struggled to raise the $5 per month rent for their 12ft by 10ft one-room house and scraping enough money to buy basic meals became a matter of prayer and faith.


In his young adult life, Mwangi realized something about himself that was not acceptable in the culture in which he was growing up. He was gay. Moreover, in most African cultures, this is not only an abomination—but also illegal. When he revealed this part of his life to his friends and family, he received stern condemnation, blackmail and his life threatened.


Mwangi Mukami founded MLIFE Foundation to help improve the educational attainment of those without high academic achievement, lift those who are poor from poverty and provide LGBTQ+ persons with an affirming space to be their best authentic self and truly feel the love that Jesus has for them.


MLIFE Foundation bases its major tenets on Mwangi’s story—to knit the human and divine aspects of Jesus into our daily practice of spirituality. Explore in our everyday experiences what it means to be human while joining others in their story of being human.