MLife foundation

Our Programs reflect ourFour Commitments to create a different world.

They echo our mission, goals, and values: To follow Jesus, explore what it means to be human, and help others RISE—no matter our life circumstances and situations.

LEAP - Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Program

Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Program (LEAP) provides complimentary academic support to under-resourced students in Kenya and the United States to enable them to read widely, think critically, write succinctly, and speak authoritatively.

LEAP - Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Program

LEAP has three goals:


Stimulate student’s latent curiosity and interest beyond their community to develop a global mindset and build leaders of the future.


Increase the quality and quantity of connection among students, their family members, and teachers, to foster a caring school environment for all students.


Narrow the achievement gap by increasing teachers’ training, after-school programs, and individualized and group-student learning.

SLS - Summer Leaders’ Summit

The Summer Leaders’ Summit is a three-days leaders’ retreat convened each year and focused on addressing the complex and myriad challenges facing our world. At each Summer Leaders’ Summit, we emphasize the intersection of faith with the arts, education, and technology. Developing individual and community action to dismantle oppressive structures and ideas such as patriarchy, nativism, tribalism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia through reframing, training, and multicultural collaboration.

SLS - Summer Leaders’ Summit
Each SLS program is designed for leaders who exhibit the following characteristics:


We train agile leaders driven to upend the status quo, foster innovation, and emphasize equitable outcomes for everyone.

A strong
work ethic.

We work with creative thinkers impatient to put their ideas into action and execute community strategies within the lens of transformative leadership.

A focus
on the world.

We help leaders design programs and systems that leverage their organization’s collateral and brand to increase their value while changing the world.



Every first Saturday in November of each year, we host fifty influencers, movers, and activists from all over the world in San Francisco, California, for an evening filled with fun and food. Ecclesia is a premier dinner intended to create an intimate and familial space for everyone to relax, specialize, and network.

Ecclesia comes from a Greek word meaning, “those who are called out.” At Ecclesia, we come to dine with the hope that Christ will reveal Himself in the breaking of bread for the devoted, the in-between and godless. That hope has always come to fruition—with an ever-expanding vision for San Francisco and the world.

Spaces of Grace

Spaces of Grace

Spaces of Grace celebrates the human spirit and allow people to grapple with what it means to be human. At our meeting locations, individuals know it is okay not to be okay. We offer an accepting space to everyone, irrespective of their spiritual or moral history.

Our program serves as a healing space for those struggling with shame, rejection, and trauma, providing a relational space to connect, learn, heal, and lead. Spaces of Grace is a home to those who scarcely believe they belong. A community where people can discuss and analyze shame and trauma both critically and spiritually in a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment.

At a Glance - 2018

We met, connected, and served 181 people.

The number of students enrolled in our LEAP program.
The number of mentors from Summer Leaders' Summit who supported students.
The number of youth and young professionals trained in leadership skills.
The number of participants in our international exchange program.
A financial grant disbursed to stop an eviction.
The number of people to whom we provided food and shelter in our SF campus (5+ months)

Our success results from the support we receive from people like you. We are counting on you to help us create a new world where justice is revealed like water, and righteousness is an ever-flowing stream.