March 31, 2020

Dear partners,

We are canceling the rest of our 2020 programming across our three campuses: San Francisco, Nairobi, and Kilifi. We believe such a measure permits us to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Federal and State government in the United States and by the Government of Kenya.

We have also instituted a hiring freeze for all our projects until further notice and canceled our 2020 Emerging Leaders Retreat penciled from August 27-30, 2020, in Kilifi, Kenya. Participants should expect to receive their full refund effective next week.

As a faith-based ministry, taking care of our members is a sacred duty. As such, we have begun to disburse emergency funds to all our members in most need effective yesterday. Members are encouraged to email covid19@mlifefoundation.org for emergency financial support during this time. In Kenya, members should expect such payments via MPESA. We will use your contact on record to disburse the cash. In the United States, we will mail a check. We will continue to provide emergency funds as we are able.

As an employer, honoring our commitments to our employees, paid contractors, and volunteers who receive a per diem is an imperative task. As such, we have extended salaries and payments for all employees until the end of June 2020. Except for remote contractors, program administrators in our Learning Enrichment & Acceleration Program (LEAP), Summer Leaders’ Summit (SLS), Ecclesia, and Spaces of Grace need not to work to earn their pay. They’re encouraged to stay at home to remain safe.

We are hopeful that this season of pain and anguish will come to an end, and we continue to pray for families that have lost loved ones all over the world and families facing financial difficulties at this time.

We pray for wisdom as we continue to strategize on how best to keep our members engaged in this new virtual reality.

Love of Christ to all of you.


Mwangi Mukami